February 2017

First month in the new house.

The beginning of February my family and I moved into a house (rented) and since then there has been nothing but problems. Things weren’t fixed that should have been fixed, the water wasn’t working, appliances weren’t working, there was no oil in the tank. (we live in Canada.. it’s winter time.. we need oil lol) Slowly things started to get fixed or replaced. The water was fixed on the Monday and it woked for about a week, after that it is a complete nightmare. We went 2 weeks without water. We went days where the kids and I would spend 8 hours (waiting for W to get off of work) walking around the mall, driving, eating out, etc. so that we could shower at W’s work. After a lot of drama and confusion and feelings of helplessness and anger we finally figured out the problem with the water. The well had to be dug up, the plumber had to pull the well up multiple times and FINALLY we had working water! Although it was extremely muddy, we spent hours running the water so we could get rid of the muddy water. It was fantastic. 

We went to bed Sunday night with the water working and Monday we did a few things with the water (flushing, running the kitchen sink) W had a shower and then we noticed… The. Water.stopped.working. It was dvestating. There were so many times that we were ready to move out of here and just forget the whole thing… Long story short the pipes froze outside. The well is being buried today so hopefully we have no more problems now. 
If we do I’m done. So done.