January 2017

Are we moving?

We might(!!) be moving to a house. I am so beyond excited. We are cramped in a 2 bedroom apartment where we get to smell marijuana everyday, I have to go up and down 3 flights of stairs and while that doesn’t sound like a lot when you have two kids in tow it gets ridiculously exhausting. (I am usually carrying 1 sometimes 2, 25+lb kids)

This is a 4 bedroom house with 2 bathrooms and a huge yard for the kids to play. I am beyond excited for this opportunity. The landlords seem so nice and the stories they have told about previous tenants is out of this world, we would definitely be the most normal people that have rented this house. They have such a big heart for doing what they have done for those families.

As for the moving process, we don’t have a lot of stuff (we live in a two bedroom apartment) which is fine with me. I am on a journey to minimalism so this opportunity will allow me to go through 90% of our belongings and really go through and decide what we want to keep and what we want to get rid of.


We got the house!

I have been so excited that I wasn’t able to finish\upload my blog. The landlord took a couple days to get back to us but we got the official “you got it” message. We are almost completely packed, (Over the weekend we packed about 80% or more of our stuff) we are moving saturday (January 28th 2017) so the rest of the week will be left for packing the rest of our belongings (mostly kitchen and food stuff). The kids have been handling everything in great strides, they aren’t used to chaos. We took them to McDonalds yesterday for lunch which we NEVER do. Our 2 year old has had Mcdonalds about 4 times with us.

My partner and I are both extremely excited for this opportunity for our family, It’s a new chapter in our and our children’s lives.



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