Today I am without my baby girl so I have been having some much needed relaxtion time. I haven’t really done anything. Wrote an email to my lawyer, watch a documentary did a workout. It has been a pretty good day.

on July 2nd I found out that I was pregnant with my second. My boyfriend and I are so extremely happy and excited. Right now I am 5 weeks and 3 days. My first doctors appointment is July 23rd. My due date is march 11th of 2016!

I have been having a lot of things going on in my life, a lot of stressful things going on and when me and my boyfriend decided to try getting pregnant I was worried that being pregnant would just add to the stress. I am pleasantly surprised to say that finding out I am pregnant has given me a sense of peace about everything that is happening. Although I know that this may not last as there is a very good chance that I will become extremely sick, as I was with my last two pregnancies. I want to take in all of this peaceful feeling and keep it in a stash for when times get tough and stressful again.

Symptom wise I have not had many yet. I do have tender breasts sometimes and I can feel my uterus stretching. My biggest symptom in exhaustion. I just feel I can not get enough sleep. My daughter is a terrific sleeper and doesn’t wake up through the night so I just have to go to bed at a regular house unstead of sometime past midnight.

Now I think it is time for a little nap\documentaries on netflix.



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